PT Update!

Ive offically been released from physical therapy!!! wooo!! 🎉🎉🎉

thank goodness. i was really starting to get annoyed by it. it was one thing when i was in serious pain but once i felt better it was so exhauating to go to PT, then work then errands or whatever else.

i really did love my PT though! they really listened to me and what my goals were and worked me toward that! and when i basically asked, can we be done please?! she agreed 😂 - i also followed the rules and didnt do things i wasnt supposed too!

so looking forward to getting back to a regular workout routine! friday ill "finish" Complete but ill probably end up doing it for a 3rd time since so many days were replaced by PT.

this weekend we're going away to a big car show and i decided that when we come back im going to do Flex + Reach on the off days because i need to get back to strength training but obviously need to be careful.

have a great day!