Booty/Flex Challenge combo - Day 10 complete!

Today's LB BE workout with Kelli was a nice combo of strength and Pilates exercises with a smidge of cardio tossed in the mix.

The Hip Circles, Single Arm Crunch + Leg Lift, and Bent Knee Lift + Butterfly were all fun, rarely seen exercises which would be great to see in more workouts. The Heel Clicks were effective at burning the glutes, but had to be modified to barely lifting the legs off the floor to prevent irritating the SI joint.

Today's scheduled EC is a good one, but has already been done several times, so swapped it for an interesting 10 minute burnout with Kelli which is also a mixture of Pilates and strength exercises. It was a great burnout round and a good balance challenge after a LB workout too! Loved the Bridge (feet pressed together), 3 Reverse Lifts + Lunge, and Leg Extension with Pulses exercises best.

Planning to for some stretching/rolling over the weekend before tackling the final week of the Booty/Flex/Freestyling Abs Challenge combo. At this point, it feels like the next Challenge to go for might need to be Reach, much as stretching is not so fun, since the muscles are overly tight and need a short break. ;)

Hope your week is ending well, and happy Blending everyone! :)