My Workout and My Day

I completed my workout for today. It was Day 8 of FB Body-weight. My legs were feeling it by the end of the workout. It was one of those workouts that I haven't done before so it was a new workout to me, so because it was a new workout my legs were not too happy with me after the fact.

But sometimes it's like that after a certain workout that you have never done before and, your body is not happy with you after the fact because you just got done doing a workout. I don't really like the workouts when they really push you to the limit and it's torture to your body, and your just completely wore out and your whole body feels like jello or like noodles. I should know because I have had lots of workouts were they're absolute torturing the either the whole body or a certain part of the body.

Those workouts are never fun to do at all what so ever, before I forget I had another busy day around the house, with doing my morning and evening chores and taking care of the animals for the day.