Trying not to be obsessive about stats

I wonder if it's just me. After joining FB Plus earlier this year, I've found myself caring too much about numbers on the statistics page. I started feeling uncomfortable about avg. difficulty, avg. days/week, and avg. minutes/day going below certain numbers, and therefore have avoided going easy even when my body demanded recovery.

It's different from feeling guilty about taking a rest. I well know that I won't lose my progress by having a few days off, and I had no problem in doing that when I couldn't see my statistics. I just have been inexplicably obsessive about numbers... And I don't want to turn analyses off as I still want to check other various stats.

I somehow managed to meet my own harsh criteria without great difficulty until recently. However during the last few weeks, especially after I started medication for some reasons, I felt all sorts of signs of overtraining. After long hesitation, this week I finally decided to take a week of break for the first time since January.

I've been just focusing on gentle walk and yoga. I'm convincing myself that pursuing certain numbers is meaningless, and what is more important is listening to my body as our dearest trainers always say. Hopefully this will help me getting away from any compulsion in my workout habit, and I believe that is another form of progress😊