Perspiration Pals 5 August 2021

Hello there, Pals! How are you today? Full of adrenaline or nice and calm? I hope you found some interesting facts about adrenaline otherwise known as epinephrine (Artist name. I mean epipen sounds cool but adrpen? Definitely not.) that can stop an allergic reaction. Since we started talking about hormones, let’s stick to the topic because it’s really interesting.

My question for today is this: Diabetes — a disease in which the pancreas stops producing insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels was once diagnosed by…… (fill in the gap) You won’t regret it. Or you will. *tries to insert little devil head but can’t find any

Hopefully your pancreases work perfectly fine and you’re eager to work out today. (unless it’s your rest day) I did my first Tasha routine yesterday and I sweated as much as I usually do when doing a 1000-cal routine. It was TOUGH and I was rubbish especially my right wrist which simply can’t tolerate any weight on it. So I have to stick to mostly weight training without any push-ups. The thought cheers me up. It’s pouring with rain so I might have to swim home which will be a nice warm-up to the upper-body routine scheduled for today.

My mini lifebook is on holiday so you can celebrate whatever you want to. Have an easy day!