My Workout and My Day

I completed my workout for today. It was Day 6 of FB Body-weight. It felt nice on my body after the really hard workout that I had yesterday. So my body really did need a break to kinda stretch out the muscles on my thigh area of my legs, because of all the squat pulses that I did yesterday.

I went to work again with my mom and this time I was finishing working on a welcome back sign for all the little kids and I finally finished it today. It's my best poster that I have ever made and my mom said that I did a good job on it and it looks so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes. Because of the good hard work that I put in just two days of being at work with my mom and now when all the little kids come back to school, they will see the welcome back poster.

So I had a really fun day at work and what I also love about this job is besides making posters is that, my mom will sometimes give me the same meal that she gives to the little kids. So it's kinda of like my second breakfast for the day or like a snack but it's really more of a second breakfast for me.