Booty/Flex Challenge combo + Freestyle Abs - Day 8 complete!

Today was freestyling not-yet-attempted Core workouts between Booty/Flex Challenge workouts. Thanks @Shelly for the HIIT/Core workout suggestion - it was good one!

1) Main workout - HIIT+core with Kelli (39 min) - the 8 minutes of HIIT was doable and not too torturous ;) , especially with different exercise variations than usual. Loved the Wide Squat Tapdown to Single Center Leg, Walkdown Squat Jack (instead of the usual burpees), and Cross Mountain Climbers. The Abs exercises were broken into 2 sections - standing abs and then floorwork. The Captain Morgan Claps and standing Leg Swings (inside, side, back) were very fun, and the Bird Dog Jacks were a nice variation to regular Bird Dogs.

2) EC - classic Abs burnout with Kelli (10 min) - the Pilates Leg Pulls (both supine and prone versions) are not often seen in newer workouts, yet they're very effective!

Since there wasn't much of a Pilates emphasis in these workouts, and the weaker Abs muscles need a dose of basic Pilates in each core workout at this point, added -

3) Pilates with Daniel (7 min) - labeled as a cool down and stretch, it's more of a stretching Pilates workout and has an interesting, uncommon exercise - Double Pulse Side Leg Kicks.

Overall, today's workouts were good and just challenging enough without being too killer. :)

It would be really cool to see more basic Pilates imprints, toe taps, table tops, etc. incorporated into the beginning of Abs workouts and/or as stand-alone 10-15 minute add-on workouts to help activate the TA properly *before* moving on to traditional core exercises (especially for those with weaker Abs muscles), similar to glute activation warm-ups/burn-outs available for LB workouts.

Hope your hump day is going well, and happy Blending everyone! :)