Breakfast with some superficial reflection..

My post workout Breakfast!

Homemade white/whole wheat bread topped with avocado, tomato, black pepper and paprika, and almond butter, amazingly sweet honey, and homemade guava jam, some fruit and a coffee with soy milk.

I have been feeling really good ever since I've returned from Costa Rica. I think I have become more loose with my diet (I don't know up to what point this is safe hehe), and have restarted fbbooty and flex (and gave noticed some added body thickness + got comments from my mom saying it looked like I have more muscle). I have been feeling more confident in myself, independent, and all in all happy.

I realize how unhappy, fatigued I was before. I know this was due to negative emotions (regarding self-acceptance and social acceptance, body image and obsession, etc.) especially since i had an unfortunate period of eating disorder / fitness obsession. Maybe I overdid some HIIT as well, some overtraining...maybe I was too strict with diet.

Sometimes we need a break to restart our hardwired minds and emotions.

That being said, I still am a sucker for a nice body (who isnt?) And have been a little bit annoyed with my shy and. I mean, who doesn't want some nice and? I'm trying to balance leniency with moderation (especially in diet). I don't want to fall back into being overly strict with myself but also don't want to let go of the discipline and hard work I've developed and established over the past few years.

I feel healthy and I know that's what counts.

If anyone wants to share a similar feeling or have any comments/advice/questions, let's hear am! I love to read your guys thoughts.

Also, how have you guys been? What's the weather like where you are? Any new goals, etc?

Sorry for this excessively long post 😂