My Workout and My Day

I completed my workout for yesterday. FB Body-weight and I finally went to work with my mom and it was so much fun serving the kids and I'm even making a welcome back posture for the kids. So it was a very busy morning and a very busy afternoon because, I was doing one thing after another and I managed to get almost everything done.

But I guess sometimes when it's a really busy day I can't manage to get everything done in a day and I will have to move it to the next day to finish it up. I know that it must be like that for some of you girls online when your so busy around and away from the house that you don't have enough time to get all of it done in one day.

Anyway moving on to today, my mom had to go to the dentist toady and I went with her and was reading my book while talking to the nice ladies, that were working on my mom's teeth. But before we left I managed to clean the alpaca pen so it was done and out of the way for today, so when we came home I had enough time to do my workout for today. It was Day 5 of FB Body-weight this time it was one of Tasha cardio workouts for today and it was a pretty hard workout, but I liked it by the time it was over.

This afternoon I was sorta busy with getting my evening chores done and after I'm done doing this I'm just going to be slowly setting down for the night. So that way I can rest up for day 2 of going to work with my mom again tomorrow.