Booty/Flex Challenge combo - Day 7 complete - Glutes on fire!!

Wow, today's Pilates+strength LB workout with Kelli was an excellent one - the glutes were on fire after the Pilates, and that was only the first half. Side-lying leg circles are so much more challenging than arm circles, and those infamous Froggers - always insanely challenging for anyone who is quad/hamstring/low back dominant with weaker glutes/abs and tight hip flexors. Kelli always make them look soooo easy, but the legs usually feel like lead, lol! ;)

Having done today's EC before, and with so many cool new short burnout workouts available, did a 10 min strength training burnout with Kelli instead - and those squat jumps near the end definitely created jelly legs! This quick, yet effective workout was a perfect add-on to today's calmer main workout, especially for how it uses strength training exercises in a faster format to get the heart rate up and turn it into a cardio sweat fest - a favorite form of cardio! :D Loved the combo of lifting, kettlebell, and plyo exercises to create a very effective, action-packed short & sweet workout.

Tomorrow's planned day is a free-styling Core workout TBD (too many excellent choices on the "Try Me" list to be able to choose one yet). Then, it's back to the Booty/Flex workouts for the rest of the week.

Combining Abs/Booty/Flex seems like a better option than doing only Booty/Flex and neglecting the core, especially since the Abs are the weakest muscle group. While the core is utilized in certain LB/UB exercises, it can certainly benefit from more focused training. 1xs/week is better than nothing, but it would be more interesting to combine the 3 programs to either have each of the muscle groups (LB/UB/Abs) get the spotlight 2xs/week (6 days/week), or to configure them for 5 days/week so that there is no more than 4 days between workouts for any muscle group (e.g., W1: LB/UB/A/LB/UB, W2: A/LB/UB/A/LB, W3: UB/A/LB/UB/A, repeated until programs end), with the caveat that the Abs day is the actual Abs workout, not one of the cardio ones (although that could be worked into the mix too). Since next week there are only 3 days of the Booty/Flex Challenge combo remaining it can be rescheduled from UB/LB/A/UB/_ to A/UB/LB/A/UB to give an extra Abs day while still allowing 2 days recovery between each muscle group's workouts.

It's cool to customize programs to make them work better for you. Rescheduling days with independent workouts in the mix is a mental challenge to not get things mixed up - if an entire calendar day including independent workouts could be rescheduled at once it'd be amazing. :)

Hope your week is going well, and happy Blending everyone! :)