Perspiration Pals -3 August 2021

Hey there P Pals,

How are we doing this Tuesday?

Sorry for a late start to the thread and also another on-the-go thread (literally walking while typing this) 😏

Yesterday was the last of most things formal needed here in France. I'm moving on to boxes πŸ“¦ and packing starting this afternoon 😢 (Exciting, said no one ever to moving!)

My calendar showed me that I did 3 workouts last month πŸ₯Ί So taking that as a cue, not starting any new program/challenge for now.

Some Cookie musings: This lil kid of mine is taking hide and seek to next level these days. Yesterday she was hiding behind a curtain and meowing. Two days ago she was "hiding" next to a bed (totally visible but unaware!) πŸ₯°

I'd like to end this check in by thanking all of our wonderful hosts, whether regular or occasional. And all the Blenders who check in with us. I'd like to extend a special invite to all our dear lurkers. Take this cue and come say hi πŸ€—

Thank you for checking in with me today. Let us know about your day!

As always, everyone is always welcome in these threads.

P. S. When I get back home, I'll try and post a meme 😊 --AND done, pic dedicated to my (sort of) staple food these days! :)