Which is Worse?

...or better depending on your preference. I was reading comments on one the the 1000 calorie workout videos from FitnessBlender on YouTube and came across some in particular. I found it interesting how there were about five exercises that people loved/hated/love-hate.

- Burpees

- Jumping Lunges

- Squat Jumps

- Squat Jacks

- Star Jumps

I was curious to see what others think. For me personally I HATE Star Jumps. That has to be the most UNCOMFORTABLE exercise I have ever done. It feels weird to do. I have to say I LOVE Squat Jacks and Jumping Lunges. I always feel strong doing them and love feeling the burn. I always except the challenge of doing as much as I can. Burpees? I would say I like them but they aren't as entertaining as the others. I do, however like Burpees with Split Jumps. Those are fun. Squat Jumps are eh haha! So my rating would be:

1. Squat Jacks (Favorite)

2. Jumping Lunges

3. Burpees

4. Squat Jumps

5. Star Jumps (Hate/Least favorite)

Which is your favorite/favorites? Worst enemy/enemies? Love-hate? Do you like them all? Hate them all? Which is most challenging for you? The easiest? What you do if you had to them all in a row? How would you rate them from 1 (favorite) to 5 (least favorite)? I'm sure we can all agree whether we like an exercise or not they do help out. 😂

Have a Blessed day!