Which HIIT to Choose?

I need advice/recommendations…

When I started physical therapy after knee surgery (much later than I should have, thinking I could do it myself), the Physical Therapist asked what I’d like to be able to do again. Run, play basketball, go on long hikes with the dogs…what?

For some reason, I said, “HIIT. I’d like to be able to do HIIT workouts again. With confidence and no pain…well, other than the regular pain associated with HIIT.”

Well, after several months of PT, today I’m supposed to do a full HIIT routine…with my PT watching…and I assume, providing constructive criticism. Ahem.

So, we’re going to do a Fitness Blender HIIT workout, of course, but now the question is—which ~30 minute HIIT video would you recommend?

I’ve been jumping, twisting, cutting, lunging, etc. for the past couple of months, but haven’t done a full HIIT workout since before my surgery (oh, and I’m also mot a spring chicken anymore).

So, Fitness Blender family…I need recommendations.