How to stop overeating when going out and meeting friends

Hello Fitness Blender Family!

I'm having a bit of a junk food discipline problem and I would be grateful for any advice, experiences, or things that have or haven't worked for you.

My usual, everyday diet is super healthy, makes me feel great and is perfect fuel for my workouts. I live alone and cook for myself, and doing this the healthy way is just what I do. The problem is when I'm with people - then I overeat on junkfood on a regular basis. Two weeks ago I had a pizza, ice cream, a burger with fries and asian takeout in one weekend. One of these or maybe two would have been okay, but the quantity just sabotages my progress and makes me feel kinda blegh.

Does anyone have any advice on how to scale this down? I know what I *should* do - having the salad instead of the pizza and offering to cook when I have people over - but when I'm in this situation I do not want the responsible, healthy choice.

I usually respond well to accountability, even if I'm just tracking for myself, like daily steps or alcohol units had. Here, I can't think of a useful metric. I don't want to count calories (and wouldn't anyway in this "f*** it it's cheat day" mood). I feel like I need something simple that still gets through to me even when I'm in this "cheat" mindset when I'm with friends.

How do you balance the occasional junk food and eating out with your healthy diet?

Thank you!