Complete Day 11 - Complete!

oh Bowflex weights how ive missed you!(not really ive had to look at them every morning ha)

so yes thursday i was released by PT to do weights as they wont release me from PT until im back to regular workouts. so first lifting workout since before memorial day yay!

so today i did the beg/int workout with Daniel- weight/cardio intervals - i previously was keeping track of what i could lift so i went pretty light just to see how my body responded -all 5/10lb except for bicep curls at 12.5lbs. i certainly could have done more but of course didnt want to push it. and yes i stretched after 😂

so monday.. the advanced workout is one of my most fave workouts! ive done it 7x before! woo! 💪🏻

also - tomoro is august that means its officially 12 years that i reached my goal weight and lost 100lbs and ive kept my weight off. even through out this stupid sciatica - +- 3lbs! if i did it so can you!❤️

have a great weekend!