FB Abs day 8 complete! + discussion about abs

Hello everyone!

I just completed FB Abs day 8, it was a brutal core workout with Daniel (50 second intervals AB AB, my abs are toast!), and I also did the EC cardio+core workout (actually before the main workout). I felt like doing cardio, not mainly abs, but I kicked myself into it because I was close to chicken out. And lets be honest, core workouts are needed even though they can be tough.

Also, its cleaning day and I have to tell you that I regret not cleaning first - now Im all shaky and tired and just want to eat. Im gonna stick to a small light snack for now, like mozzarella and tomatoes, as there is a burger planned for later today - very much looking forward to it!

Have any of you done the Abs challenge or the program? What did you think? :)

Also, what do you think about having visible abs? I know we all have them, under a smaller or bigger layer of fat. Do you get abs easily, or not in a million years? I think if I were to make my abs visible, I would have to go on a very strict diet and exercise plan, as Im not naturally thin, and my stomach accumulates and holds on to fat more than lets say my thighs. Those, on the other hand, are getting visibly toned. Anyways, feel free to share your getting-visible-abs journey or just your insights on this muscle group.

Have a great Saturday!