Feeling guilty for a week off :(

Hey fellow Blenders! So I KNOW I'm doing the right thing but I don't feel like it! I have been working out for a year, 6 days a week, with no break. I decided my body really needed a week off - I can tell by my lack of stamina and ability to push myself in my workouts. So I'm taking this next week off. But I'm feeling so guilty! On top of that I have a few indulgent days coming up this weekend so I know I'm going to feel even worse that I'm not working out. I normally walk 3 miles a day on top of my workout so I was going to keep walking or do Pilates or something. What do you think? Should I just walk and forego the Pilates? Should I stop everything? I don't think I can do that - I need some movement. But I feel so ugh. Like with these two indulgent days...I don't know. I know I need the break but how much of one? Thanks guys!