Weekend Plans and the Coming Week

We hope that everyone had a great week and that you’ve got some great downtime planned. If your plans include good food and maybe a bit of reading, we want to highlight two new healthy recipes and one new expert article from this week:

✦ Free: Vibrant and Delicious Cod and Veggie Parchment Packs

✦ FB Plus: Coconutty Trail Mix Granola Bars

✦ FB Plus: Menstrual Cycles and Nutrition

And as we head into the weekend, we’re already looking forward to next week.

First of all, our fearless leaders (Kelli and Daniel, in case there was any confusion) are taking a much needed week off to rest and re-energize, as we prepare for some busy weeks ahead. For some great garden pics (part of their relaxation plans) check out Kelli’s Community post from yesterday.

However, just because the bosses are going to be away (they are actually taking a “staycation”) that doesn’t mean things will slow down here at Fitness Blender. Take a look at this lineup:

August FB Plus Challenge - 2 Week FB You Against You Challenge designed by Tasha

Monday - Butt and Thigh Burnout Workout with Kelli (free)

Tuesday - Total Body HIIT Workout with Daniel (Plus)

Wednesday - AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) Workout with Tasha (Plus)

Thursday - 5 Unconventional Stretches for Back Pain with Kayla, DPT (Plus)

We’ll also be publishing three new expert articles and two new healthy recipes, and running our weekly Giveaway on Wednesday.

Whew! That’s a lot.

We hope that you like the cadence of our new releases, as our plan is to provide more and more great, diverse content going forward. You’re going to love what we have planned, but we’re always open to ideas too, so let us know...we know that you’re not shy!

P.S. We’ll make a separate post about this later today, but don’t forget that our Surprise Summer Sale runs through July 31 (tomorrow!), so don’t miss out on these great deals!