My July ☀️ 💪 consistency is key

Hey everyone!

Just sharing my July round up..

I’ve managed to stick to my early morning workout routine this month which I’m proud of! 6:30 wake up, workout, shower and eat then get ready for work at 8:30. Pro’s of working from home: no commuting time, wet hair is acceptable and breakfast can sneakily be made and eaten on work time if needed (don’t tell my boss!).

This month saw the end of FB Fit Round 2 and a week of my own choosing. The FB Fit Rd 2 took me around 12 weeks to do instead of 8 but that’s okay, I’ve been getting used to the routine of a new job and been travelling around a little bit (just in the UK). I’ve also noticed this month how working out in the morning has such a positive impact on my day. It puts me in a good mood since I’ve already done one positive thing in the morning, so if the rest of the day is a flop at least I still worked out! It’s especially helped me get though my low mental health days this month.

Also, FB Fit2 has made my arms feel super strong. I feel like the hulk 💪 (in a good way).

Now I need to figure out what I’m going to do for August. I’m moving back to uni in a few weeks where my room is too small to workout out in so will have to change things up a bit. My plan so far is to go swimming for my cardio and then to the gym for strength training and the rest. Will obviously be using FB videos for that!

Side note - I did Tasha’s new kickboxing video this week and LOVED it! Has anyone else done it? I saw FB Plus has a kickboxing challenge so very tempted to make the plunge and buy FB plus right now.

Thanks for reading my ramble. How did your July go? 🤗