Workouts, next week's plans, etc 😁

Hello FB Family! How is everyone doing? I’m checking in a little early this month, as Daniel and I are hoping to take next week off to relax a little bit before we dive into our next batch of projects. Very much looking forward to the downtime with my family!

This month has been full of work, filming new workouts, veggie garden and yard work. My structured workouts have fallen off the map over the last couple of weeks so I think in the month of August, I’m going to try to reestablish my morning workout habit (still my most foolproof/least likely to be skipped workout time). Working outside in the yard is fun & so good for both brain and body, but, it’s important for me to keep on top of my more balanced, intentional workouts, too. A combo of the two kinds of activities - both mindful/measured and out in the wild - makes me feel best!

I started into my August goal (of early morning workouts) today, because why wait? I did a combination of upper body strength & lower body Pilates - which, I’m thinking we need an actual video of, since there’s not much of this combo on-site, currently.

While we’re out, I am hoping to tackle some of Tasha’s new workouts - do you all have any suggestions on which, if I’m looking for a good sweat? Here’s a full schedule of what to expect next week:

Monday - Lower body strength workout with yours truly (free)

Tuesday - Bodyweight HIIT workout with Daniel (Plus)

Wednesday - AMRAP with Tasha (Plus)

Thursday - Lower back stretching workout with Kayla, DPT (Plus)

Of course you’ll also have a new 2 Week Challenge launching early next week - this new challenge is Tasha’s creation! You’ll also have new expert articles and recipes, to read & try as well.

Daniel and I will probably spend a lot of our staycation working in the yard. Our Team looked at us like we were crazy when we said that 😅 We will be plenty lazy, too. Maybe when we come back to work, we can share some more pictures of our vegetable garden, but in the meantime I’ve shared a few in the comments below!

Have a great week next week FB Family!