Perspiration Pal 29 July 2021

Hello Pals! It’s me again. I’m just about to start Day 17 of the Flex Programme but unlike many of you superhumans, I can’t exercise on an empty stomach. Or maybe I could for about 10 minutes interrupted by 5 minutes lying on the floor unconscious. Anyway, my digestive system is working on turning that awful porridge/oatmeal (I like porridge but this one turned out rather bad.) into energy, I thought I’d ask you a digestive system question.

So this is a fill-in-the-gap exercise: Doctors say that the digestive system has its own “………” and this refers to the enteric nervous system. Also, and this is so cool, who did doctor Adolph Kussmaul use to look inside the stomach for the first time in a living person?

Still talking about our digestive system, my mini lifebook says it’s Lasagne Day. I definitely won’t have lasagne because it involves using my oven which would then turn my kitchen into a furnace.

So what’s in your workout calendar for today?