New FB Plus Workout: 52-Min Circuit Style Strength Training with Lower Body Cardio Bursts

Good morning FB Family!

I am so excited to share this new workout with you! This is the longest workout I have filmed so far, and I truly enjoyed the creating and filming process:

Circuit Style Strength Training with Lower Body Cardio Bursts

This workout is sure to test your strength, balance, and stamina! The circuit style format of the strength exercises guarantees an elevated heartrate throughout the entire workout. You will alternate between lower and upper body-focused exercises in each circuit and many of the strength moves are slight variations of standard exercises you have seen throughout your workout journeys, adding a small element of difficulty. The “Cardio Bursts” in between each strength circuit are intended to spike your already elevated heartrate with lower body-focused cardio exercises. And of course, we conclude the workout with a Core Finisher! This Finisher is your last opportunity of the workout to challenge those core muscles and is a great fatigue benchmark by which to measure your progress during future attempts at this workout. As always, pay close attention to your form and challenge yourself based on your energy level and mental readiness on the day you decide to tackle this workout!

If you’re looking for another total body workout that combines strength and cardio like this one, check out the Combination Strength Circuits with Lower Body Tabata Cardio workout. Just make sure to put a day or two between these workouts for recovery! As I’ve been filming and engaging in my own workouts, I’ve noticed increased soreness in my forearms and wrists from holding my weights. If you’re like me and working on your grip strength, the Quick Wrist Stretches for Typing, Gaming, and Desk Work – Hand, Forearm, Wrist Stretches workout includes beneficial, quick stretches to loosen up lower arm tightness.

Right now, I’m working on planning workouts that separately focus on lower and upper-body strength training as well as a little something special coming very soon. I hope you enjoy this workout and the fact that I tell you to jog-in-place and travel at the same time (because this somehow makes sense to me). Take breaks as needed (I certainly did!) and let me know which exercises made you feel like a superhero.