Booty/Flex Challenge - Day 3, LB Pilates - complete!

Today's workout was a sleeper killer Pilates LB workout with Kelli - WOW! Nothing like 2 rounds of exercises with *ascending* reps (5, then bam, 10!), lol! Note to future self - always read the workout summary ahead of time and pay close attention to the number of reps per set, haha. ;)

This workout made a good burn, and those Side Plank Jacks and Froggers were killer!

The EC was a short resistance band workout done many times before, so subsitituted with a not-yet-done strength training burnout round with Kelli (10 min) - the legs were burning before, but they went nuclear after those squat jumps at the end! This was a really cool LB burnout to add to a LB day or even as a stand-alone short, effective workout. It's a new one for the favorites list. :D

Overall, today's workouts created quite the burn and were more challenging than anticipated. Tomorrow's UB strength training with Daniel is a favorite, but oft done workout, so the plan is to substitute it with a similar not-yet-done workout.

Hope your hump day is going well, and happy Blending everyone! :)