Perspiration Pals 28 July 2021

Hi there, Pals! How are you today? Aren’t you sometimes surprised by which muscle gets sore after a workout? For example, you do an upper-body strength routine and expect your chest to be sore but instead, it’s your biceps. Well, at least that’s what happened to me. The body is a mystery.

Talking about strength training and body organs, which internal organ is the heaviest? That’s my question for today. This particular organ is quite interesting and it carries out numerous functions and it can actually regenerate. Like a little salamander.

And apart from lifting your heaviest body organ what are you planning to do today? Lift weights? HIIT with lizard hops, which according to Daniel are fun…? Or rest perhaps?

I’m planning to go for a longish bike ride (surprise surprise…) because it’s lower body day today. Unless it starts raining, which is highly unlikely. It’s still as hot as Lucifer’s living room.

My mini lifebook says it’s Milk Chocolate Day. I don’t think I have to tell you how to celebrate… If possible, however, eat a fair trade brand.