Day 2 complete and nutrition tracking!

This workout gets me pumped for STRONG after I finish 30. 😄 Enjoyed this style much more than the HIIT yesterday, but learning to love the sweat again.

Tracking my nutrition in the notes section each day. Just did some meal prep and made a batch of almond flour cacao zucchini brownies with coconut palm sugar, and coconut oil, for when the sweet tooth hits hard.

I figure since I know I have a sweet tooth, and it's extremely hard for me to just cut out chocolate completely, I'd rather have something healthyISH and homemade on hand than cave in and reach for some of my husband's junk he has in the house.

I plan on cutting them into very small squares so I can at least have a taste once or twice a week to not lose my sanity 🤪

Probably going to do a little Yoga With Adrienne tonight. Anyone else just love her?!