Search page feature suggestions

There doesn't seem to be a Topic/Subtopic for requesting new website features, so don't shoot the messenger if this isn't the right place to post this, and if all of these have been suggested before. ;)

There are lots of great features already and new updates continually - yay! It's super that you've got your ear to the community and welcome feedback. Thanks so much for listening! :)

A few features are a little cumbersome - requiring more clicks/page loads, which is made even more so when accessing the website via spotty mobile internet. ;)

Here are some features suggestions for the workouts search page:

- add tags to workouts directly from the search page (where the 4 icons currently are below the workout thumbnail) -- we use tags to designate which new workouts we'd like to try later with a "Try Me" tag.

- sort workouts in the search page by "Date last completed" to easily and quickly find workouts that haven't been done in a while.

- filter for workouts not completed/not attempted, to display only new-for-you workouts instead of everything.

- filter workouts by "NOT" something - for example, we if we don't want to do HIIT, we want to see a list of all workouts that don't have HIIT at all (e.g., exclusion filters).

- choose between AND and OR for multiple filters - currently it seems to be defaulted to OR, but the ability to choose whether it's OR or AND would be nice too - looking for workouts which are exclusively only low impact AND lower body rather than all low impact or lower body.

- display workout list either in list form (less data, faster loading on mobile networks) or the current thumbnail form (great for visuals)

- display # of times a workout was completed below the workout thumbnail

- a way to "not favorite" a workout, especially from the search page and also the workout page (like a toggle between a black X vs. a red heart in the same icon space) ;)

- search by a specific exercise (based on the workout printable), with the option to either include or exclude workouts that have it.

- a way to save specific searchs (all filters, parameters, etc.) for future revisitation.

Thanks for listening, and for all the great content and features already available! :)