FB Flex — Day 1 - UB variable sets - complete!

Welcome to Day 2 of the Booty/Flex 2 week challenge combo, Flex Challenge Day 1!

Today's Flex workout was an unusual UB strength workout with Kelli & Loki with an interesting ABC/ABD format. It covered all of the UB muscles fairly well and it felt like it went faster than a traditional AB/AB or ABC/ABC format.

Favorite uncommon exercise - Staggered Lateral & Ventral Raises! They were more fun than the usual separate raises and added some core muscles into the mix. Added push-ups to the walk down ankle slaps for more challenge.

The EC was a posture workout with Kelli which had some very cool exercises not seen in other videos. Loved the 3 Point Rhomboid Squeeze, Dorsal Arm Raise, and 4 Point Overhead Pulse exercises to counteract hunched shoulders and upper back. Changed the bent over fly + pulses to just pulses for extra burn since bent over flys were already in the main workout.

Both of today's workouts featured uncommon, interesting exercises which effectively targeted the muscles.

Tomorrow's Booty workout is a choice between a new Pilates workout and a HIIT-strength combo workout which has been done several times. So, in keeping with the spirit of trying as many not-attempted-yet workouts as possible, the new Pilates workout with Kelli along with a substituted, unattempted EC workout with Kelli (quick sweat lifting session) are on the menu for tomorrow. :)

Hope your week is going well, and happy Blending everyone! :)