Booty/Flex Challenges - Day 1, LB strength - complete!

Today was Day 1 of Booty FB Plus Challenge, but the HIIT wasn't doable at all today, so substituted a LB strength-only workout and a glute activation workout instead.

1) Standing glute activation workout with Kelli (10 min) - This was different from usual Pilates floorwork glute activation, and was challenging in a different way than usual. The plyo push off side lunges and clock/curtsey taps were interesting, less commonly seen exercises that got the burn going quite well. As usual with cheap bands, they tend to move around when not expected and aren't as comfortable on bare legs (hot weather!) as on leggings, but make the workout much more effective regardless.

2) An effective LB strength workout utilizing negatives (42 min) - This workout was a pure strength training format (3 sets, AB format) with a twist - using negatives and slower reps to be able to safely increase weight and to build mass more effectively. It would be nice to see more strength training workouts in this format, especially upper body and abs. It felt like an effective, efficient way to train.

Today's LB strength workout combo felt good overall, and the 2 new workouts were fun and decently challenging. Tomorrow is day 1 of the 2 week Flex challenge, which will be alternated with Booty challenge for a 6 day/week, 2 week *mostly* strength training challenge, with the custom caveat that any workouts included in the challenges which have been done before will be swapped out for a similar, new workout which hasn't been done yet.

There are soooooo many great FB workouts available on the site it'd be a shame to repeat any recently done workouts when there are still oodles of workouts which haven't even been attempted yet. :)

Hope your week is off to a good start, and happy Blending everyone! :)