Short people out there? Any advice? (low BMR/TDEE)

I've been trying to lose the 10 kg I put on during university for a whole year now , without success... My main problem was inconsistency when it comes to excersise - but also that, at 154 cm height (about 5 feet or 60 '') and being female, my BMR is incredibly low and exercise doesn't add a significant amount to my total daily expenditure. I had a hard time even getting to a 500 kcal deficit without going under 1000 kcal/day. Right now, I've given up on counting and started to eat intuitively instead .... and I've started FB30 and so far, I managed to stay on track for almost two weeks. Let's see how I'll do in the long run - the scale and the measurements haven't budged, yet.

Are there any of you with the same problem - low BMR/ TDEE that doesn't allow for a large deficit? Did you count calories and go for a deficit at all, or did you just go by intuition? And how long did it take you to get to you goals? I'd really appreciate some help T_T