Red Dan Plan, Week 2, Day 1

Hey all! Continuing with the check-ins...

Upper (& Core)


Apparently, the first video I did once before as part of FB30, only 4 months ago, but already forgot all about it. There are many things about it that I like – that it has warmup and cooldown included, the structure of alternating upper and core focus, the nice interval length, not too short, not too long (45)... but unfortunately 5 out of 9 exercises in it I can't perform properly to make it effective or be safe from re-injury. So, done with modifications today (thanks to your suggestions last week, I remembered to make one of those subs skull crushers and loved it!), but I don't enjoy coming back to such videos.

The second one was therefore a great addition. I'd say it's a staple of UB ST, very simple, doable exercises, the 3 basic supersets, and short enough to be done anytime.

So, with some minor hurdles, daycomplete!

Julia, how are you coming along? Did you do these same ones today or picked something else from Red Dan?

Anyone else on any video with Daniel in red shirt? How do you like the red phase? Do tell 😁