Perspiration Pals 25 July 21 🤸‍♀️

Happy Sunday Ppals!

I enjoy learning new things no matter how small or even silly. In addition to keeping me motivated to continue exercising I learn a lot from Ppals posts. Now I have even learned something when searching for memes. Never mind that it is on the silly/trivial side.

I was searching for memes on the Olympics and came across this one of McKayla from the 2012 games. It is sometimes captioned McKayla is not impressed. She was favored to win the gold but fell and ended up with the silver. This was her expression during the medal ceremony. I don't remember this of course. But finding this explains why I have seen commercials where she does her acrobatics to rescue a frisbee from the roof only to have the guys throw it back on the roof. This is the face she makes when it ends up back on the roof.

She is obviously over missing the gold if she is making commercials with her famous smirking face. (ok it was 9 years ago but I have now seen other pictures of her posing with former President Obama closer to that time with them both making that now famous smirk).

So I have learned at least 2 things here. One you can learn something even searching for memes and two it is possible to make the best out of not the best situation or outcome.

Now that I have taken care of my learning for the day, on to exercise and food. I am going for my Sunday morning walk shortly-named the Honda walk since it goes by the Honda dealer and then on to figure out which of my produce to cook for lunch and dinner.

What new things are you going to learn today? What is on you food and exercise menus?

PS. All are welcome to read and post here or be a silent blender if that is what you need to today.