First time meal prep for the upcoming week!

Hey all!

Its Sunday and I promised myself to try meal prepping for the upcoming week, so now Im telling you how it went. My main objective is to have one large home cooked healthy meal at least three days a week (work week) - that means either lunch or dinner. I thought that is attainable for me. Here is how it went:

I made two risottos - one (bottom left) with mexican frozen veggie mix (no additives) and a bought legume sauce. I tend to add gouda or mozzarella cheese to anything I eat but its not included here - may or may not add some later. This one had quite the volume, and so my partner took some for lunch and I will be having it for todays lunch as well. The remaining portion will be my tomorrows lunch.

The other risotto is the green one - it contains spinach, broccoli and green beans (my favourite green veggies!) - I added soy sauce and I will definitely add mozzarella to this one! :D I also made a pasta meal with bought bolognese sauce, and added fresh chopped tomatoes, canned beans with no sauce of its own and cooked baby carrots. I made a lot of the pasta because I wanted to use all of the bolognese sauce, so the most left container will provide dinner both for me and my partner when I defrost it in time of need.

I still have some mixes in the freezer that I also love to cook with eggs, which is an easy and quick fix, so I have some trick up my sleeve (for a time when Im super lazy and hungry).

I will try and attach a picture in this post or comment. :) Overall this was quite a pleasant experience, mainly because I dont have anything important to do today. I would like to keep this up on calm Sundays such as this one.

What are your habits concerning nutrition? Do you prep your meals or cook when needed? Let me know. :)

Im off to do my workout, have a great day everyone! :)