Hello beautiful Blenders,

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

I wanted to share some pictures and my personal journey.

First of all, the first two pictures aren’t real before and after pictures, but they might give an impression. The first picture (top left) is from Christmas 2019. At that point I gained quite some weight and I think you can see that I feel quite uncomfortable in my body. It is the only picture from that time because I always was feeling very uncomfortable to be on pictures.

Second picture (top right) is last summer after I changed my diet during the first lock down, I basically only cooked FB recipes and I applied this positive mindset, which FB is telling us, and which is constantly reflected by this beautiful community. I also started to workout smarter. I always was working out and I always was quite fit but introducing more strength training to my workouts had quite an impact. If you ask why I painted something over my upper body; my bikini top moved a little bit during the jump and I just wanted to make sure.

Third picture (bottom left) is beginning of March 2021 after I finished writing my PhD thesis. As you can see, I didn’t pay too much attention regarding my food choices during that time, and I had an injury, which slowed me down with my workouts, so, I gained a bit of weight back. And if some of you might remember, there were moments I completely freaked out, because I was so afraid that I lost all control and would gain all the weight back, which I lost. But I kept going. Each day trying to do it better than the day before and eventually I found my rhythm with eating and taking good care of myself again.

The last picture (bottom right) is from a few days ago. I have to admit, I was surprised to see such a change between the March picture and now. I think what I learned over the last 1,5 years is to trust myself and not to freak out if my weight and body shape fluctuate a bit. We are talking about a life-long journey and sometimes life happens, but that is ok, because now I know I just need to be patient and go back to a better eating behaviour as soon as things settle down again. I am less scared of food and much more relaxed even if I know there always will be moments when I will panic, because I feel out of control, but I also hope I will remember to give it some time and be gentle with myself. I know I will always have a special relationship with food, but it doesn’t have to be a bad one.

Long story short, I wanted to thank this amazing community for supporting me the whole time and a big thanks to FB for this positive mindset towards food and all the great recipes of course.

Thanks for reading.

There is another picture in the comments.