Had to take a week off workouts, which sucks as I workout mainly for my mental health. Thankfully, one week off does no long term damage and I will be back to normal next week! Despite this, I have been trying to move about when I can this week, gently.

So, I have tonsillitis! I'm very lucky to have excellent physical health and I can honestly say that is the worst I have physically ever felt in my entire life. The NHS website mentioned waiting 4 days before seeking help as tonsillitis can be viral. Mine was not viral.

It took hold fast and the night before the antibiotics kicked in, I was in unbearable pain. My neck was swollen, my throat almost closed shut due to the swelling of my tonsils. My skin had a yellow tinge, my eyes were red and puffy. I was burning but also freezing. Swallowing felt like swallowing shards of glass. My throat looked disgusting! Eww, it was so nasty!

I'm feeling much better but not 100%. May need to extend the antibiotics. I have been taking 4 lots of penicillin a day!

Anyone else had this? Just wanted to share and does anyone have any pain advice? I've tried lozenges, an antiseptic mouth/throat gargle, ibuprofen, paracetamol, salt gargle, cold foods and drinks...