Workouts with Tasha

I usually only follow the FB programs because I work out first thing in the morning and don't want to spend a lot of time choosing a workout to do. But I kept seeing new videos coming out featuring the new trainer, Tasha, and I was excited to try them, so I decided that I would take a week after the program I was doing ended and just do one of her new videos each day (there were 5 videos posted at that point). When I looked into the details though, I realized that a lot of the videos were pretty intense full body workouts, and I thought it would be better to have lower-intensity days in between.

So I put together my first routine, two weeks of alternating Tasha's more intense workouts with low-intensity cardio and tacked on some short balance workouts (my balance...could use improvement). I've just finished the first week, and it has been incredible! Her workouts are fun, challenging, and I have been feeling the best kind of sore the next day. I'm looking forward to the next week, and hoping she will be featured in some new programs or 2-week challenges soon!

Has anyone else worked out with her videos all in a row, or did you alternate days with something else?