Weekend Ghost Check-in: Saturday July 24

Hello, Blendfriends! My weekend is half over, but many of your Saturdays are just beginning, so I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

I’m stuck inside, in quarantine - in an apartment, lucky me, with no backyard to run around in (or, more importantly, to send the kids out into). But as you can see, I still managed to get in my workout, with the assistance of my furry trainers.

(In a manner of speaking.)

So what does one do when quarantining in an apartment? Apart from working out, that is. If you’re my kids, you turn the apartment into a ninja warrior course. (I only hope the walls survive.) If you’re me, you read books and eat chocolate. And there’s always TV. I’m not a big TV watcher. I mostly just watch sports. But there’s a lot of sports to be had as of today - the Olympics has begun!

So here’s my question for the weekend - nice and predictable this time. Do you like to watch the Olympics? Are you super patriotic about it, or do you just enjoy it for the sports/spectacle? What events do you like to watch?

Now, my usual favourite sports to watch aren’t in the Olympics, but that’s just fine by me - there’s plenty else to entertain me. I don’t have much interest in any kind of races or any kind of fighting, but I love the gymnastics - artistic and rhythmic. Diving, pole vault, some team sports like hockey, water polo, beach volleyball… I do quite like the cycling in the velodrome - the only races I don’t mind. But let’s be completely honest… it’s mostly about the gymnastics for me.

One thing I did watch for about 5 minutes today was the weightlifting. Did I enjoy it? Nah… I’d much rather do it. How about you? And did you do any weightlifting of your own today? Perhaps it was more of a cardio or yoga day, or a nice sunny day outdoors. Now, me, I combined some of the events I least like to watch and did kickboxing followed by an upper body strength routine. Another fabulous combo chosen by Anne. I was about to do some extra stretching when I remembered I was supposed to be writing a check-in. Whoops! I’ll get to the stretching in a minute or 5.

And how about meals? Are you planning your favourite summer barbecue or salad? Or is it more of a winter soup or casserole kind of day? Here, it’s definitely soup/casserole weather, but I made a Massaman chicken curry, which works just as well. And I got through the day without chocolate, so I guess I’m getting used to this quarantine thing.

Thanks for checking in with me today, Blendfriends. As usual, your reward is getting to check in with Anne tomorrow! I’m already looking forward to it.





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