Bad news

So my hand is probably not going to recover fully. Natural recovery is already not possible anymore, too much time has passed. Only hope is that my brain finds new pathways to perform movements. So other parts of the brain have to take over the movements of the hand. That means the movements will be more awkward since those parts of the brain aren't made to do those movements. There's also no guarantee the brain will find a way to take over the movements. You can only try to stimulate it.

I'm absolutely gutted. I'm a silversmith. It requires very fine motorics from both hands. I don't think I'll ever be able to do that again.

Workouts I don't know either. I might have to find different ways to do strength training if I can't hold on to dumbbells.

Just need to vent a bit, cause this is absolutely awful. It feels like I just lost my entire life. Just by trying to do the right thing. It's so unfair.