I finally have a diagnosis and a treatment plan! 🥳

Long story short, many of you may know after my post a few weeks ago I had to start taking exercise slow because a pain in my right knee was bugging me. That escalated to my whole right leg and a few weeks later it started at my left leg as well.

But now, after countless exams, it's with a less anxious mind I can finally say that after the CT-scan I did to my lumbar I have a diagnosis for my leg pain: two disc protrusions (L4-L5 and L5-S1).

I have zero idea how I got these (maybe I'm a 31 yo with a 60 yo lumbar 😂), but nevertheless, my doctor told me they are still very "small" and neither of them is compressing the nerve. However, the L5-S1 is slight touching the thecal sac witch is why I experience some pain on my legs.

So now i'm going to start physical therapy and do non-steroidal anti-inflammatory in case I have another crisis. That I'm hoping I won't have!! 😅

Since I quit my job (for reason non related to this), I feel much better. I used to work on my feet several hours a week so that was extremely aggressive for my (at that point starting) condition. I even had to take two weeks out of work because the pain was so strong.

I'm disappointed I have an almost-herniated disc, but I'm extremely happy it's not very severe and I can try to manage it without surgery. Hopefully I can feel even better over time but I have to say: now I'm really scred of doing deadlifts and squats 😅

So, are you also a 31 yo with a 60 yo lumbar or has your back been good to you? 😂