Fun classics for better posture, balance and agility!

Today's planned workouts felt like too much, so swapped them for 3 old, classic posture/balance routines which turned out to be gems!

1) This old classic with Kelli (17 min) has some effective, yet for some reason less common exercises like modified back bow, up & over press which target the upper back. It is so strange to see her with tiny dumbells instead of her usual powerblock weights - this video seems to have possibly been made before she fell in love with weight training? ;)

2) An old classic standing abs workout with Kelli (10 min) which was fun and effective - got those legs burning too! Would love to see more workouts like this one, and more with exercises like the one-legged Captain Morgan diagonal pass, jumping oblique twist (hoorah, good non-squat/non-burpee cardio!), and high knee chops.

3) An old beginner balance/agility exercise with Daniel (15 min) featuring some unexpectedly challenging balance exercises like Single leg head nods (wow!), Kneeling superman done with hand and knee in the same line and close together (fun!), and Physioball superman.

All-in-all today was a fun, unexpectedly challenging and effective total body workout for posture, balance and agility with some unexpected cardio as well. :) Some of the exercises in these old classics aren't in the newer workouts at all, despite being so interesting and effective!

It would be really neat to see more workouts like these featuring these and similar less commonly used exercises, and to have some new core/back workouts like these which don't require one to be prone.

Hope your day is going well, and happy Blending everyone! :)