My Workout and My Day

I completed my workouts for today. I did Day 11 of FB Reach and FB Fundamental and one workout was a Pilates workout and the other three were stretching workouts, and three of them were with Kellie and the fourth one was with Daniel. They all felt good on my body and the two stretching workouts plus the breathing routine, I could do those at my dad's house or do whatever kind of stretching routine I want to do.

Because if I start appalling them to doing them at my dad's house it will help with my posture and it will help with my flexibility a lot more, if I also do them at my dad's house. I so didn't think of that at first until just now and I think that I might do that so that way I can burn some extra calories while I'm at my dad's house. I will just do the workouts that don't require any equipment and do those workouts at my dad's house when I'm there, and I will do them up in my bedroom.

Sorry I got off-track there for a minute or so but anyway I did the exact same thing again this morning and this afternoon as I did on Monday. So still nothing new to talk about really other than I would like to know of what has been going on for all of you this past couple of weeks.