July 2020 to 2021

Left photo is July 2020, right photo is today, a year later! Last year I was so down and depressed, it was a struggle to leave bed on many days, I was often turning to binge drinking and take out to soothe the feelings. This year I have made the decision to be kinder to myself and try to choose happiness whenever I can. I started consistently working out and eating better and taking better care of myself at the beginning of the year and was feeling great, but had a setback when one of my cats got really sick and had to undergo a rigorous treatment plan, which was extremely stressful. What remains is an attitude of self love instead of self loathing, despite any fluctuations or “set backs” that happen. That’s life, there are ups and down, and your fitness is going to ride those waves as well. Remembering that this is a lifestyle, not chasing after some certain “look”. Currently training my body for functionality, so I can dance at music festivals, play volleyball on the beach, and enjoy all life has to offer this summer! FB workouts help me gain functional strength, mobility, cardio endurance, and more in between my outdoor activities. I think I’ll be a FBer for life!! Best of wishes to you all and we’ve got this ❤️