Red Dan Plan - Day 3

Total Body HIIT and Core


separate cooldown


I could just leave the entire check-in as that, "phew" 😆

The first one did me in! I did it only once before, as part of Raven’s JUMP community challenge, but forgot how hard it was. And I must have been high on the wings of challenge-buddying then because I had added it to favorites 🤨🤷‍♀️ A proper level 5 sweatfest! Very explosive too, bunch of high impact stuff, not for the weak-jointed folk. So I modified. Even the jump rope parts were an interesting experience today because of those constant arm movements while triceps still sore from yesterday 😁

The second one is simply beautiful classic ab torture. Doesn’t switch much (or at all) between front-oblique-back focus, so it really burns burns burns those abs (front).

The third one… I didn’t really need EC, was wiped out and knew I wouldn’t be able to do it properly, but clicked play anyway out of curiosity, prepared to modify the hell of it. Turns out it wasn’t completely impossible. It’s a pretty versatile little gem, packs a whole lot of everything (cardio/strength, all body focuses, equipment/no equipment) in a short time. What I appreciated most about it today was the no-going-back structure (does have multiple sets but in a row so when you’re done you’re done). And btw Dan does wear a red shirt 😀

*a cool coincidence: all 3 videos have 2 sets per exercise

Most liked today: Crush Curls! – a unique and interesting version of bicep curls (the fact that they were the very last exercise today might also have something to do with why I loved them so much)

All in all I’m happy how today felt, but might need a rest day tomorrow 😎