Daily Check-in: Wednesday, July 21st

Good morning/afternoon/snack time and evening, Blendfriends! Indeed as Jacqueline mentioned, using the term 'Blendfriends' reminds me of our dear blendfriend, Shabnam. She is certainly missed, but hopefully enjoying her time with family. I often think of the many other absent blendfriends that haven't posted in some time and hope they are doing okay with what and wherever they may be. Online friendships are real and a thing. Don't tell me otherwise!

Anyway, what's your workouts and or rest look like today? ..I really underestimated that walking workout that I tried yesterday. It was quite the sweaty cardio boost. So I think today will be some upper body work. Maybe the newest bored easily from Kelli.

But do you have any great food you'd like to share? If only we could actually share. I guess it'll do reading about your real food. I'm back on no ideas and just whatever I can find.

Okay, as always, good days and strong minds ahead for your day. But before I go, here is another favorite flower of mine for #wildflowerwednesday; the Horned Bladderwort, noted for being carnivorous via trapping unsuspecting bugs with their underground bladder system. Now, if only they could get the mosquitoes that have decided to go crazy this year. Seriously, these mosquitoes have been thick this summer. Don't think I can breathe without sucking one in. On that note, I did (accidently) inhale a bug (not mosquito) recently. Sometimes, I shouldn't follow the advice of wildflowers.

PS: Kim & Tango forever 💕




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