Perspiration Pals 21 July 2021

Hello there Pals! Another week has flown by which is what they always do even though now I’d like them to slow down a bit. In a better and more rational world, our lives wouldn’t revolve around work and chores and there would be a balance so that people wouldn’t desperately wait for their annual leave. That’s not what I want to philosophise about. Last time I asked you a question about proteins now we’ll move on to carbohydrates.

So my first question is: Which body part uses exclusively glucose, which is a basic sugar carbohydrate, to function? Also a bonus question: Can you recognise this chemical formula? C12H22O11 There are chemists and biologists among us so they’ll find this an easy question. Others can make an educated guess. And if the guess is correct, you can have some.

What’s scheduled for today? Strength training? HIIT/cardio? You’ll need those carbohydrates. Preferably complex ones. You know the ones that contemplate the meaning of life, think about the future, and want the best for you. Not the ones that tempt and trick you.

Although today you are allowed to get tempted and tricked because it’s Junk Food Day. That’s right. So what’s on the menu?

It’s a rather windy day but nothing can prevent me from hopping on my bike this afternoon. (Well, torrential rain would but it’s “Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain, Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain.” (a bit of earworm for you)

PS, I found a lovely image but couldn't attach it for some mysterious reason... these things make me irrationally mad.