My Workout and My Day

I completed my workout for today. It was day 10 of FB Reach and FB Fundamental and since I had the same workout again for FB Reach that, I did for FB Fundamental a couple of days ago I just skipped it and did the two workouts for FB Fundamental instead. One of the workouts was a light cardio workout and the other one was a abs workout for better posture or to help with better posture.

They were both with Kellie and the abs workout felt nice on my back after I done doing it and today my mom and I went shopping for new outfits for me to wear back to school again. My mom and I picked out some really nice outfits for me to wear to school and I can't wait to wear my new outfits to school and see what my friend think of it. Because they looked good on me and my mom even thought they looked good on me too and my mom also got her a nice dress too since we were there.

The bummer is that I'm with my dad the first week of school and not with my mom like I thought I was going to be so, I will have to wait to wear the new dress that I got to wear to school. But I guess it's just they way that it is sometimes and I will just have to pick out and nice outfit to wear to school from my dad's house.