Freestyling newest workouts - UB+core

Today was an UB/core day, both workouts with both Daniel & Kelli together.

The recommended warm-up from the main workout (6 min) was a quick total body warm-up from the favorites list, with the Phantom kettlebells being a fun, uncommon warm-up exercise.

The main workout (31 min) was a fun combination of upper body and core strength training that's doable as bodyweight only or with weights. The prone plank kicks & dips was perhaps the most challenging exercise of the workout besides the traveling full push-ups. Surprisingly, pike pushups weren't too difficult - maybe it's all those downward dogs in Kelli's cool downs finally paying off, haha! ;)

The Core burnout (10 min) was a quick, intense core workout which got those abs burning by the end! You know it's a good one when even Daniel pauses and says "it's burning!" several times, lol! ;) No swimmers or backbows appeared, but there were sneaky prone criss-cross crunches that were basically a more challening version of backbows, ha! ;) And saving the jacknife crunches for the very end was killer!

The UB burnout (10 min) wasn't completed today due to time constraints, but got a good UB burnout scrubbing the floors later, which certainly counts! :)

Overall, this was an unusual, interesting combination of UB and core strength training which felt effective and comprehensive despite the relatively short amount of time for what is usually 2 separate workout days, and it seems more effective than trying to fit a comprehensive enough total body workout into those same 41 minutes. It was a great way to tackle more muscles at once without spending any extra time, and it was very helpful to have both bodyweight and dumbell options demonstrated side by side in the same video. It would be really cool to see more workouts like this one! :)

Both workouts were added to the favorites list, and we'll see what tomorrow's LB + cardio or HIIT brings (several workouts on the list, not sure yet which of them to do).

Hope your week is going well, and happy Blending everyone! :)