Red Dan Plan – Day 2 check-in

DAY 2 – Upper Body Arms and Shoulders Split

separate warmup,, separate cooldown

This workout is vaguely familiar to me, I didn't do it often but did add to favorites on the very first try. If you like really traditional, slow paced, 3-sets upper body training (which I do) – this is it! Admittedly, it can be a bit boring at times, but I tell myself it's a mental workout too, practicing patience. I don't need to be entertained by something new and exciting each minute. I like it and fall for it all too easily but don't *really* need it, right? Plus, for my wonky arms (old shoulder injury on one side, wrist on the other) UB is always a struggle and that's another reason why I appreciate the slow and repetitive structure – it feels safer, with enough time to find exactly the right weight and focus on form.

My favorite thing today: Scull Crushers! I just love them 🥰 and they don't appear quite so often as some other UB ST exercises, let alone 3 sets of them in a video 😊🥳

The focus today was biceps, triceps and shoulders, and the second UB this week (Thursday) will be its sibling video focusing on chest and back. Can't wait!