Week 28 goal evaluation

Quick post. We started renovating our waiting area work today. It looked awefull, clients even commented on it. Kids peeled off the wallpaper in some places. So today we took off all the wallpaper and my husband placed the plywood panels in the bottom half of the walls.

We also had an awesome lunch to say goodbye to our employee. We had tapas and this amazing dessert (mango passionfruit cheesecake, white chocolate drizzle, coconut icecream and whipped cream).

I slept much better this week. I ate pretty well despite having my period and I did workouts that I wanted to do. I might not workout every day this week because we are renovating.

This week's goals: keep myself hydrated while I'm working/renovating at the practice.

Eat normal dinners with my husband while my son is at camp.

Low key goals, but enough for this week. What are you up to?