Freestyling newest free videos

After finishing the 2 Week Abs Challenge, this week is freestyling all the newest workouts that aren't in any program or haven't been done yet.

Today's LB strength + Pilates + cardio workout combo - all Kelli:

Main workout (32 min):

Burnout round (11 min):

Didn't have time to do the 3rd planned workout today due to unplanned interruption, perhaps later?

The main workout with Kelli was an interestingly unusual combo of strength, cardio, and Pilates with a free-style suprise burnout *strength* round instead of the usual Pilates burn-out. What fun! :) It definitely was sweat-inducing, as promised, and the cardio was doable and sprinkled throughout which made it a little more fun than when it's all together at the beginning. Doing a strength burnout at the end was cool!

The burnout round with Kelli was a Pilates band workout that worked the glutes and outer thighs quite well, especially after the first workout, and the legs are definitely feeling it in a good way now. But, boy those froggers are still TOUGH, at least the legs are able to get off the ground now compared to not being able to move them before, lol! ;)

Overally, today was an unusually fun mixture of favorite workout styles which felt nicely effective and interesting without being too much or too little.

Hope your week is off to a good start, and happy Blending everyone! :)