Best format???

Hi everyone! So, I am trying to get a schedule setup and can't decide which I think is best (or at least which way to try first). Here's all the info

I run on treadmill

Mon-1 mi

Tues-2 mi


Thurs- 2 mi

Fri- 1 mi

I want to get back serious about strength training as well. I plan to try to use two workout videos for legs and two for arms and repeat these same videos weekly for about 4-6 weeks. My dilemma is scheduling options. For my leg workouts, I can't decide if it would be best to do the workouts on the 2 mi run days and have a total leg burnout day and then they get a break on the 1 mi days (maybe only run at 5 mph on those days and up to 5.5 mph on the 2 mi days)? Or do legs on the 1 mi days, but then I feel like that would be too much because the 2 mi run the next day wouldn't really be a break? If this helps, strength workouts would be in the morning and runs in the afternoon. Additional info is that I want to avoid overtraining, but I also need/want the strength workouts for the legs. Runs are not negotiable (prediabetic and I feel like the runs help keep the glucose levels at a nondiabetic range). Oh and I know my age and gender matter as well so I'm 44f. Thanks!